Artist Response to Covid Virus | Turn on the Light Series of 101 Lamps

Has someone impacted you greatly during the Covid Virus?  

Is there someone you want to say, “Thank You” to but words aren’t enough?

How about saying, “I am grateful for you”, by giving them a one of a kind, light, with meaning.

Small Pottery Lamp Green

  • Each lamp in handmade on the potters wheel and only 101 lamps will be made.
  • Each lamp has the inscription, “Turn on the Light”, is dated, signed and numbered.
  • Each lamp comes with a certificate with the number of the lamp and signature of the artist
  • Each lamp has a QR code on it linking them to this page and videos showing the piece being made and the meaning behind it.

Videos About the Lamps & How They are Made:

For the first time, I am creating a series of 101 lamp bases.  The series is called “Turn on the Light”.  I am throwing 100 lamp bases to sell and the 101st lamp base will be given to a selected nominated person, who any one can nominate, that has been extraordinary during Covid-19.

What does, “Turn on the Light”, represent? 

Here are my thoughts:

Covid Lamp

  • During this difficult time, there have been many shimmers of light through the good acts of others.
  • Timely, because the lights are coming back on in many of our small business and store fronts.  Through the selling of these lamps, it will help us to keep our lights on.
  • For good or bad, this is a historic event and I know there has been much darkness during this time and we aren’t through all of it as of yet.  And light shines through the darkness, gives us hope and guides us.  So I offer these lamps as a remembrance in the future of all we have been through.

To get more information and purchase a lamp link to:  




Here are the reasons other customers have purchased a lamp

  • For her husband who owns an optometry business that was now re-opening.  To celebrate the re-opening.
  • To say thank you to a daughter who made meals and brought them to her Mom and Dad
  • To a nurse, who helped the family get through this illness
  • To help us support us staying open and many others reasons

We Thank You for Purchasing a Lamp | Nominate Someone to Receive our 101st Lamp

Please also consider nominating someone for the 101st lamp.  This will be a special lamp to say, “we appreciate all you have done and thank you for being a shining light.”  I will include a lamp shade to go with this one.  To nominate someone Contact Us with your nomination, 500 words or less.  We will let everyone know who the recipient is once selected.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life and sharing what is going on with you.  The stories and nominations impact me greatly as we go through this.  It keeps me humble and grateful for all of you.  I am honored!