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Chip and Dip Pottery Bowls and Pieces with Attached Bowls
Chip and Dip Pottery Bowls include our best seller Chip and Dip Bowl, Soup and Sandwich, Small Chip and Dip, Soup and Cracker, Cheese and Cracker, Chip and Dip Platter and Wave Tray.

Our regular and best selling Chip and Dip Bowl is handmade on the potters wheel.  It is a our number one wedding gift seller.  It holds 8 ounces of dip and a large bag of chips.  The dip bowl is attached to the chip bowl.
Small Chip and Dip Bowl verses Soup and Sandwich
We have renamed our previously called soup and sandwich to small chip and dip bowl.  It is the exact same piece.  We learned that most customers used it as a small chip and dip serving piece rather than a soup and sandwich.  We enlarged the plate slightly and deepened the bowl on our new and improved Soup and Sandwich.  This newly designed Soup and Sandwich  will a generous portion of soup and two half sandwiches on the plate.  The bowl is attached to the plate for ease of use.
Cheese and Crackers
Cheese and Crackers is also a part of our pieces with attached bowls ( Chip and Dip Bowls Category ).  This is a free form piece with stamped designs, usually a tree design but sometimes an aquatic design upon special request.
Wave Tray
The Wave Tray is another Chip and Dip Bowl piece.  It has an elegant shape with a matching, attached bowl.  Was featured in the “Our State” magazine.

All of our pieces are available in our various glaze combinations of green, sky and moss.

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