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We offer a large selection of Handmade pottery from Asheville NC area, including dinnerware, lamps, mugs, chip and dips to name a few. We create in house glazes that are vibrant and are for daily use. 

Select from the categories below to see pottery in various glazes:

Customize & Personalize – Anniversary, Wedding, Gift, Special Occassion, or Logo | Handmade Pottery, Asheville NC Area

We can almost add anything to our work to make it personalized for you or a special occassion such as an aniinversary, wedding, birthday, graduation.  Or if you have a business logo or family crest, we can add those to our pieces.  We also have created pieces for awards.  Many folks choose to add important dates and names inscribed on the bottom of our pieces.  Others ask us to stamp designs into our mugs or platters.  We can design the artwork in house if needed or you can send us your designs via email through


Multi Color, Vibrant, Varigated, Brilliant Glazes |Handmade Pottery from Asheville NC Area

If you buy handmade pottery, you want to make a statement with it : have it seen with brilliant color and be the focal point.  Our glazes are not only food safe, they are beautifully designed with bright contemporary colors.  We are known for our glazes and how they melt together to create a vibrant, varigated piece of functional art.

Blue Glazes – 2 Combinations 

Our newest blue glaze is called, “Mist”.  And it is exactly that.  It has a mysterious floating, melting feel to it.  Usually with a brown rim and then fades into shades of blues, greys and whites.  It melts down the sides.  Each piece is uniquely its own with this glaze combination.

Our other blue glaze is called, “Sky”.  It is a darker blue, with more contrasting blue to black colors and white.  It has been a favorite for years.


Our green glaze is a teal green color combined with white and a raspberry streak.  This is the glaze we have been doing the longest and is continually being collected by many of our customers.  It is inspired by the mountain sunsets here in Western North Carolina.


Yes, we have red and we call it, “Red Horizon”.  Red Horizon is the outcome of 20 plus years of working to develop the perfect tone of red that is food safe.  Reds can be developed in various ways.  At Salvaterra Pottery there are certain lines we won’t cross.  This glaze has no lead or cadmium in it.  Some red glazes do have these chemicals in it.  This is the reason it took so long to develop.  An easier road would have been to use these chemicals, one which we were not willing to take.

Red Horizon is a combination of Red and Cream with a spray of black that sometimes hints of green or blue.  It is our most modern / contemporary feel.

Other Glaze Colors

We also have a variety of glazes we offer on our customized stamped mugs.  These colors include, pink, black, carolina blue, fern green, lime green, hunter green, to name a few.

Quality, Refined, Contemporary Pottery at a Reasonable Price Handmade Pottery from Asheville, NC

After 20 plus years of experience, the shapes of our work have become consistent and refined.  The quality of the work is through experience and years of practice.  We price our work so the average person can feel good about the investment they have made in our work.  Our work has a more contemporary design for the modern home.

Professional Staff with Integrity and Genuine Enthusiasm from the Asheville, NC Pottery Area

We love making pottery here in the Asheville, NC area.  And when you interact with the makers at Salvaterra Pottery you will experience our excitement and joy we share for the pottery making process and business.  We want to be a part of your special occasions and create the perfect piece that will be memorable for years to come.  We create quality pottery for a reasonable price and do it with joy and integrity.  We want to get your pottery to you when you need it, how you want it.  This is our goal.



We do custom work, including logos. Contact us for more information.