Handmade Pottery Vessel Sink


Handmade Pottery Vessel Sink

We create beautiful handmade Pottery Vessel Sinks here in our Weaverville, NC studio & gallery.

Most of our vessel sinks are custom and made after an order is placed.

We do have an installed vessel sink in our bathroom at the studio / shop for those who want to see one in person.  And frequently we do have a handmade pottery vessel sink available for purchase in our gallery.

If you would like to get more information about purchasing one or more of these, stop by our studio/shop in Weaverville or call us at 828 658 0684.

Treadle table vanity with our vessel sink may be purchased also as shown in photograph.  This is a collaboration withRefined Rustic Woodworks.

We can create your sink in various glaze combinations.  Photos are with our spiral bowl combination and our Sky glaze combination.

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