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Microwavable Pottery Bacon Cooker – 3 Color Options


Yes, Crispy bacon from the microwave!  See video below for instructions.


The Microwavable Pottery Bacon Cooker is the hot trending piece of pottery.  Yes! you can get good tasting, crispy bacon from the microwave.  Place bacon over the cylinder and place in the microwave.  Grease drips off of the bacon while it is cooking.  Cook about 1 minute per slice.  Remove your bacon cooker from the microwave.  Careful, pottery is hot along with the bacon.  Drippings can be poured out from spout.  Yum

View Video to see how to use our bacon cooker.

Glaze Color Descriptions

Green Combination is a teal green (green with some blue in it), floating, variegated white with a raspberry streak through the transition of the two colors. The green and raspberry colors stay relatively consistent with the white having the most variation from piece to piece.

Mist is very much like it’s name.  It has a light feel to it.  Usually the rim is a warm brown color with the body of the piece white with hues of blues and grays.

Sky Glaze has variations of blue and floating, variegated white with a black streak through the transition of colors. The blue can go from a navy blue to a light blue.

Red Horizon took 20 plus years to develop.  Reds are difficult to develop, especially when lead and cadmium are not used in the formulation of the glaze.  After all of the years of testing, we have a beautiful true red glaze that we are proud to use on our pieces for food.  Combined with a cream glaze and a spray black and green, this combination has a crisp and modern feel to it.

Moss Glaze is still available as a special order product.  We have taken it out of our regular production but still offer the combination for those who have collected this combination or who prefer it over our other glazes.  It has the most variation from piece to piece. The beauty of this combination is the variegations of colors through the piece. It has browns, greens, blues, creams and sometimes hues of pinks and purples throughout the piece. The magic happens in the kiln and we are always excited to see how these pieces turn out.  If you want to order this color feel free to call us or email us to place your order.

Variations in Pottery for Microwavable Pottery Bacon Cooker

As with all handmade pottery there are small variations in size, shape and color. Most of our customers like the variations. That is one of the many reasons they buy handmade work—for the uniqueness of each piece. The pieces shown on our website are a good representation of the pieces you will receive when you purchase them.

Sometimes we have a customer, who is very specific with their desires. If you fall into this category, it is best that you contact us about your specific request. We will let you know if we think we can accommodate this request. If you are replacing a piece or adding to a collection and you want the pieces to match, it is best to email us a photo of the piece you are trying to match. We want to make sure you are delighted with every piece of Salvaterra Pottery and we want to clearly understand what you would like from us. It helps us to give you want you want, if you let us know that you want something very specific.

Variation in color is due to many factors. Included in these is how the kiln fires, variation in chemicals we use in our glazes, thickness of glazes we overlap to create effects, where the piece is placed in the kiln, to name a few. We do our best to adjust.

Care for my Microwavable Pottery Bacon Cooker

You are buying pottery that has been fired to over 2200 degrees, making it quite durable. The glaze, which is glass and adds beauty to the piece, must be treated as such. Meaning you need to be concerned about thermal shock. Thermal shock is when a piece goes through an extreme temperature change, abruptly. This is why we recommend placing pottery into a cool oven and then turning the heat on. So the piece and food warm up together. We also recommend using a hot pad to place the piece on when it comes out of the oven. This will ensure that your pottery will last for years and years.

Pottery may also be used in the microwave and the dishwasher. We use our pieces daily in our home. They go in and out of the microwave and dishwasher continuously. We bake in the baking pieces frequently also. And have done so for years and years.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Glaze / Color

Green, Mist, Sky