Refined Rustic and Salvaterra Pottery Combine their Talents for a Pottery and Wood Look of Perfection.

Many new home decor pieces have been added to the gallery.  The combined creations of Pottery and Wood have created a unique line of pieces perfect for the mountain inspired home.Salvaterra Pottery Gallery

Vessel sink and handmade mirror

Live Edge clocks on a Live Edge table, all handcrafted to perfection.  Beautiful translucent hand thrown on the wheel, pendant lights, hang over this fall display our gallery.

Bathroom Art

New Crescent Moon tile framed by Refined Rustic’s Mirror.  Matching vessel sink sets on a live edge counter.  All creations by the combined talent of Salvaterra Pottery and Refined Rustics.





Who and How is the Seamless Marriage Created?

The Pottery and Wood aren’t the only married items.  The creators are Sue Salvaterra Hintz (potter) and Randy Hintz (woodworker).  Yep they are married and dreamed up these pieces.  They spend much of their time  creating new mountain inspired pieces for the home, many of which utilize booth of their talents to create one piece.  It isn’t always a harmonious process but the final outcome is a piece of heaven.

Each piece is unique.  Not yet completed but in the works are tile and wood combined lamps.  Many new tables.  And new tile designs and pendant lights.

Many pieces are in our gallery now.  We will be debuting the entire line during the Weaverville Art Safari, Nov. 3 and 4, 2018

Below, combining the new bear tile by Salvaterra Pottery with the frame by Refined Rustic has resulted in this beautiful wall hanging.  Several designs are available included many pieces with a live edge.

handmade tile bear framed