What is New?

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Many new things…

Including a new glaze line that we call “Sky”. It is a vibrant glossy glaze with many shades of blue and white.

We also have developed a new line of night lights out of porcelain.  They are framed impressed images of Western North Carolina.

We are introducing a few new products in all of our glaze combination.  These include a canister set of four, a treats jar, bacon cookers, chicken bakers, a medium size bread tray, and cookie jars.

Also, as you can see we are re-doing our website.  We will be adding images of our new work as we progress with development so you might want to check back often.

Lastly, we are creating many new custom mugs.  Right now we are doing two wide mouth mugs with impressions completely around the mug.  One theme is the flavor of Asheville.  The other theme is of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  These are done in glazes not offered in our regular lines.  We are also doing wide mouth mugs with medallions on them.  We are continuously adding new ones as the request is quite high.  We are happy to make custom mugs for wholesale accounts and organizations.  Custom mugs do require a minimum purchase and a die making/design fee.

Canister Set

See accessories page for more details


Medium Bread Tray

A new size choice from our other bread trays



Cookies Jar

See accessories page for more details


Treats Jar

See accessories page for more details.


 Night Light

3D impressions in porcelain of local images.  See Home Décor page for more details.



Bacon Cooker

Create crispy bacon in the microwave.  See Baking Dishes page for more details


Asheville Theme Mugs

Available in Red, Lime, Purple and Lime


Blue Ridge Mountain Theme Mugs

Available in white clay(as photographed) or rustic brown with glazes in Moss, Blue or Hunter Green.


Custom Medallion Mugs

We can take your logo and turn it into a medallion for your own custom mug.  We have done several!  Production for the die runs between $100-$150  (one time fee).  If you want us to digitally draw your medallion we can do that too.  Minimum opening order of 24.