Place Settings

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Place settings are one of our favorite things to create.  Available in all glaze combinations.  Mix and match pieces to create your ideal place setting and style.  Wedding registries available.

Each piece sold separately.  Dimensions are approximate.

Dinner Plate 10-1/2″ diameter,  $30

Lunch Plate 8-1/2″ diameter,  $20

Salad Plate 6-3/4″ diameter,  $18

Cereal Bowl  $20

Fancy Cup $24 (Other mug choices seen on the mugs page) link to: to view other mug options

Collect a few pieces at a time or order your entire set.  Call or e-mail us to get more details.  We would be delighted to create a set for you.

Wedding registries are easy to set up.  Couples choose their favorite pieces and give their wedding guest our contact information.  We speak with each guest to help them select from your list of favorites.  We stay in contact with our couple to let them know how things are being purchased.  We usually arrraange for a member of the wedding party to pick up the gifts all at one time around the wedding date.  Shipping arrangements can also be arranged, if necessary.  No deposit is necessary.

Let us making something special for you!