Baking Dishes

As with all of our pottery, it can go in the oven and microwave.  To avoid damage, avoid extreme, quick temperature changes.  If placing pottery in the oven, do not pre-heat oven.  Place into a cold oven and let heat ramp up as usual.  When removing pottery from oven, place on a hot pad or wooden cutting board.  Avoid placing on a cool surface such as granite.


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Bacon Cooker

A very popular item.  Intended for use in the microwave.  Will hold upto 8 pieces of bacon.  Bacon will get crispy!  Drape bacon over the rim of the cylinder so one end of bacon is on the inside of the cylinder and other end of bacon is on the outside of cylinder.  Repeat around the cylinder.  Cook approximately 1 minute per slice of bacon.  Microwaves vary-adjust time as needed.


Brie Baker

Another extremely popular piece.  Place brie in dish.  Add your favorites to the brie and bake.


Small Casserole

A nice little baking dish for beans and small casseroles.


Deep Dish Pie Plate

Pottery is an ideal material for creating crispy crusts.  Fluted edges, deep and approximately 10″ wide.


 Large Casserole

Nice size for a family casserole.  Makes a beautiful presentation.