We offer four different glaze combinations.  Any piece of pottery may be ordered in any of the four glaze combinations we offer, even if they are not shown in the photographs under each product type. Tumblers below are shown in the following glazes from left to right, Smoky, Green, Moss, and Sky.


Smoky is a matte glaze, mostly cream colors with a hint of pale blue and rust.  It is the most subtle of our glazes.  Green is a combination of a teal green and white glaze with a raspberry streak.  Moss is our most inconsistent glaze.  It is marbled browns with hues of green, blue and sometimes pink.  Sky is our newest glaze combination.  It has many tones of blue from very dark to very light with white.
All of our pottery is designed to be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  Thermal shock is always an issue for all pottery.  To prevent damage to your pottery, treat it like glass.  Avoid quick, extreme temperature changes and your pottery will last for years and years.

You may purchase pottery several different ways.  To order pottery directly from us, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us.  Contact information is on the “contact us” page.  You may  also visit one of our many galleries or meet us at the show we do each year in August. See our “galleries and shows” page.

Visits to the studio are welcome and need to be done by appointment since we are a home based business and not always at home.

We do ship pottery and will add shipping charges to your purchase.

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