New Studio Update–A Big Day for Salvaterra Pottery 1

Today was a huge day for the future of Salvaterra Pottery.  With the dream of a new commercial studio, we spent nearly 2 years choosing and re-zoning property to commercial.  Today we passed the final step to get our selected property re-zoned to commercial.  Without this re-zoning all of the hard work and planning would have started all over again.  It has been a long road so I hope you celebrate with me and my family.

If you have never gone in front of the Board of Commissioners with your dream in their hands and only 3 minutes to speak, you don’t know the fear that over comes one.      Thank God for my husband, Randy, who did most of the talking. And thank you to the Planning Staff who built a case and recommended change.

So now we go to the bank with final drawings and contracts for financing.  Time for another “leap of faith.”  Maybe the largest leap up to this point.  This will be our largest financial investment with the business.  Something I have lost many nights of sleep over.  You can’t help but wonder if we can grow enough to pay the new bills.  So we are doing it with a dream and a prayer.

I’ll keep you up to date as we progress.  Thank you to all who have taken this journey with us.


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One thought on “New Studio Update–A Big Day for Salvaterra Pottery

  • Lanise Walters

    That is so exciting and wonderful! I am extremely
    happy for this new and exciting chapter for your business! I see only good things ahead for you! It’s a huge step and a step of faith and my prayers will be with you! yayyy Randy! I know he did excellent at speaking as I am sure u did too Sue