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Salvaterra Potter

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New Weaverville Pottery Studio and Gallery Planned


Salvaterra Pottery is planning to move out of their long time home based studio and move into a newly constructed facility specifically for their Weaverville Pottery Business.

After completing course work sponsored through NC state we have decided to expand the business.  The course work/program taught participants the “Lean Model” which is a manufacturing model originally developed by Toyota.  The new Weaverville Pottery studio and gallery was specifically designed to stream line the production of pottery–combining the best of efficiency the Lean model teaches without loosing the importance of handmade work from clay.

Plate w/attached spreader cup and knife

Plate w/attached spreader cup and knife

Our new facaility will be 2500 square feet and open to the public.  Construction is planned to begin within the next couple of months.  We hope to be open by the end of the Winter, 2016.

More details to come soon.  Follow us to learn more about our new exciting adventure.

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One thought on “New Weaverville Pottery Studio Planned

  • Jennifer Varga

    I think your pottery is the best in the country, and possibly one of the best in the world!!! I have several pieces that are not only beautiful, but very durable. After several times of my children dropping some pieces, they just refuse to break! Do you make a 9×13 baking dish? I make brownies in your pie plate all the time!